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Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is located in Tangshan, Hebei Province, forward Yutian zone south of State Road 102, was built in 1983, with the industry in large-scale private enterprises. The company occupies 200 acres, has a modern workshop 60000 square meters, office building of 5,000 square meters, advanced machinery and equipment, strong technical force, strict management tools, honest and reliable reputation. Company registered capital of 10 million, ahead of plastic woven and forward progress has jurisdiction over water two branches, the company employees 800 people, all kinds of professional and technical personnel 300. Forward plastics company total assets of 200 million yuan, annual sales income 350 million yuan.

My company is a unit of Tangshan City Plastics Association, Federation of Industry will be flat, the contract and keep credit unit, excellent private enterprises in Tangshan City, Tangshan Commodity Inspection Bureau of trust units, and through the ISO9001 quality certification.

Company purpose: honesty, always forward.

Management philosophy: hard work, scientific innovation, and thoughtful service.

Core values​​: excellence, sincere cooperation, contributing to society.