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Housing is the foundation for this people. People determined to move forward to change the living conditions of China's 800 million farmers work hard. Relatively well based on county-level cities in supporting the field, passing the entrepreneurial spirit of honesty and trustworthiness of the group, New Location for farmers, happy life, in good faith to create building products, resulting in a "pleasure" farmers real estate.

Yue agricultural company was only set up more than a year on the achievements of Tangshan Jin Maohua government projects, and investors to set up a real estate development company in Shandong Qingzhou mountains and rivers, Qingzhou Wonderland project has been started. Yue agricultural company through strategic planning, is the steady and rapid development, promote the development of three-space concept is to develop a number of (Jinmao Hua Fu 250,000 m2, Wonderland 400,000 m2), the design group (Tang International 120,000 m2, is still House Metro 390 000 m2), a group of reserves (Hanlin other homes, Taoyuan Sacred).

With the Group's financial strength, talent team and strategic development platform and advance the spirit, within a decade to build ten more than 100,000 m2 of urban complex, the 300,000 farmers and friends to change the living environment, to achieve "pleasure farmers' wishes.