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Company Profile

First, the basic situation of the company

Tangshan move forward vehicle suspension Yutian Group Co., Ltd., is based on modern enterprise system, investment 150 million, on April 26, 2009 incorporated May 28, 2010 formally put into production. It mainly produces automotive suspension system with a flat steel spring, steel spring, guide arm, stabilizer bar and other auto parts. The company is located in Tianjin, Beijing, Hebei Province, Tang triangular hinterland town of Yutian solitary tree, adjacent to 102 national highway, location, sea, road and air transport. Company covers an area of ​​60,000 square meters, construction area of ​​50,000 square meters, the company has a modern production plant, and full use of MCC Huatian Danieli of Italy-based design and manufacture of short alternating stress hardened flat with knife points up universal mill manufactured units and Zhongyuan leading automotive leaf spring, guide arm lines, advanced technology, excellent equipment, already have the spring flat steel 600,000 tons of steel plate spring 10 tons, air suspension, 20,000 sets of oriented / pieces annual production capacity.

Spring 2011, plans to produce flat steel 300,000 tons of leaf spring 50,000 tons, 6,000 air suspension guide arm / parts, sales revenue of 1.5 billion, profits of 60 million. Currently the major spring flat car north of Beijing Automotive Spring Co., Ltd., Beijing Xinghua Automobile Leaf Spring Company, Shandong Automobile Spring Factory Co., Ltd., Qingdao Shuaichao companies and other major domestic auto manufacturers supporting spring. Mainly for the domestic automotive leaf spring JAC Automobile Co., Ltd., Beijing Automobile Works, CIMC Vehicle Company, Special Purpose Vehicle Company Huanghua Chang Hua, Tianjin Raul Motors, FAW Qingdao Automobile Factory, Beijing Jing Jing De Chassis Systems Co., Ltd. , Luoyang Fawcett Automobile Co., Zoomlion construction machinery plant and other domestic auto manufacturers supporting. International markets are mainly exported to the United States, France, Spain, Tunisia and the Middle East and other countries and regions.

Second, the industry benefits

Company to science and technology, strong technical force, has the domestic first-class product design and equipment, human resources, the Chinese Society of Automotive Engineers suspension member of the Professional Committee, can participate in automotive OEM for automotive suspension joint design, contract a variety of vehicles type of car leaf spring with optimized design and manufacturing business;'s spring production line technology, major equipment companies selected from the Zhongyuan famous spring equipment manufacturers the latest equipment, the use of assembly-line form a closed loop production chain, from feed, cold work, hot work, assembly, pre-press, sorting, painting at once; companies to implement JIT production, and continue to progress in the pursuit of management: The company strictly according to ISO/TS16949 standards to establish and perfect quality assurance system, complete detection means, and Hebei University of Technology, Shougang Beijing Hongye central laboratory and vehicle suspension set up joint laboratories, and long-term technical cooperation.

Third, the advantages of tooling equipment

DANIELI-650 Danieli-type short-stress level up alternating with hardened knife-point universal rolling mill unit.

ER-I automatic volume headphones, the machine uses Japanese technology standard, used in all digital control and display high degree of automation, high precision, processing a wide range of high efficiency.

BzS-100 Long-cone mill, it has a good user interface, input parameters used in all man-machine dialogue, high degree of automation, enabling fully automated production process rolling.

RBII step-quenching gas heating furnace, the furnace is used in Japan dig cut production by spring (strain) of mature technologies produced by the industrial PC control hydraulic stepping machine, smart regulator for gas and air volume PID regulator to achieve a digital control, stable and reliable.

RW circulating hot air circulation furnace, is an internationally since the late 1980s to promote the use of new technologies in low-temperature furnace, using the Japanese dig cut production by spring (strain) technology developed by the main control unit are imported to achieve a full digital control.

PSY-80 Universal Parts dynamic performance test bed that can meet a variety of common components of dynamic performance testing, but also to satisfy the conditions of static load, stiffness, strength and deformation index testing, the main function and performance indicators in the leading domestic level.

PW-200H-type stress blasting machine, the machine by a free shot blasting machine, pre-stressed and their transport mechanism consists of three parts, the amount of electric blasting to achieve control, and enhance the operability of the equipment.

ZF-300-type pre-pressure arc scores sorting machine, the machine man-machine dialogue environment filled up style, all finished software, automatic sorting, digital control, easy, fast and accurate.

I shaped leaf spring assembly line, and pre-press, sorting machine combination, to achieve the automotive leaf spring assembly, pre-press and automatic sorting process.

High-tech, high degree of automation, manufacturing of high precision, digital, intelligent, strong company where the production equipment, first-class equipment for product quality and cost control with the support means.

Fourth, the product market advantage

Company in the "high standard" under the premise of product positioning, in addition to targeting the international market, the main focus for the domestic automobile leaf spring manufacturing company, automobile manufacturers support. According to the development trend of China's auto market, producing high quality flat steel 28MnSiB, multi-slice gradient less stiffness and long tapered piece are two types of variable cross-section, four series of leaf spring products, launched a heavy truck Steyr as the representative of the product ; to HFC6780, KL6120 Bus-based products; to QYl63, QT20T, PY8OT-based cranes and special vehicles products: the B10JC, CCl021S based light truck, pickup truck products, light, medium and heavy series, all varieties, wide coverage to meet the needs of different users. "With satisfaction as the customer service, complete with the famous for the luxury car" is our purpose to enter the market to follow.

Fifth, the development strategy

Accordance with the "technological innovation, cost leadership, market orientation, marketing, creative city, honest services" approach to business, well-built "forward" and automotive springs brand; full use of resources and cost advantage to value for money, enhance brand image, in adapting to international and domestic market demand, market competition, occupied the high ground of the "forward" and the product so refined bigger and stronger.

2011: industrial sales income of 1.5 billion, profit of 30 million yuan, tax 30 million yuan. Listing the same time prepare and set up consultation and joint-stock companies.

2012: Industrial sales revenue of 2.5 billion yuan, profit 60 million yuan, tax 60 million yuan. While in-depth listing of projects, all parties in-depth study, reaches the market framework.

2013: industrial sales income 3.2 billion yuan, profit 80 million yuan, tax 85 million yuan. Continue in-depth listing of works, a formal application for issue of shares, the company's overall structure to market conditions.

2014: industrial sales income 4.5 billion, profit of 120 billion, revenue $ 120 million. Complete listing of works, the formal issuance of shares.

Entirely by the company's management system and modern enterprise culture, developing a "forward" and work together, return thanks to the character and work ethic, and enhance core competitiveness, better results back to society.