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First, the auto industry

China's automobile manufacturing industry after nearly 30 years of efforts, especially in the past 10 years, automobile production and consumption of national policy adjustments, China's automobile industry has shown explosive growth, the scale of production and sales in the 10 years between 1998-2008 to maintain more than 20% of annual are increased. In 2008, the international financial crisis, China's automobile production and sales were 9.345 million and 9.381 million. Year 2009, vehicle production reached 13.791 million, sales reached 13,644,800, an increase of 48.30%, respectively, and 46.15%, China's first officially surpassed the U.S. as the world's largest new car market . From January to August 2010, car sales 11,490,600 and 11,582,600, an increase of 39.27% ​​and 39.02%; of which 8.65 million and sales of passenger cars 8,686,100, an increase of 41.12% and 39.50%; commercial vehicle sales 284.06 million and 2.8965 million, an increase of 33.92% and 37.61%.

2008 China's auto manufacturing industry realized total industrial output value of 2.1078 trillion yuan, achieving total sales revenue of 2.0832 trillion yuan, total profit of 1.239 trillion yuan to achieve. 2009, total industrial output value of 2.857649 trillion yuan, up 22.26%, an increase of $ 520.37 billion yuan; accumulated industrial sales output value of 2.8024 trillion yuan, up 21.83%, an increase of $ 502.189 billion yuan.

2010,2011 will continue to grow, expected growth rate of 19% to 20%. Around 2015 domestic car sales expected to surpass the U.S. as the largest automobile consumer market. By 2020, China's domestic auto production will reach 20 million, of which two products will enter into the international market.

From March 2009 "car and motorcycle countryside implementation of the program," the release to June 2009 "car and motorcycle countryside rules for the operation," the executive, to January 2010 the State Council decided to extend the policy, the car to the countryside policy has been implemented for nearly a year. It should be said, after the initial adjustment, stable stage, the policy in terms of operating systems or mechanisms are relatively more complete and effective. Response from the market perspective, in the car to the countryside, the reduced rate of 7.5% purchase tax levy, trade (increase amount of subsidies) and other policies, the car to the countryside for the biggest role in promoting business sales. 2009 micro-car users to purchase more than 80% are rural residents. Obviously, this car to the countryside to stimulate rural consumption market, continuation of the policy, making the farmers of this car is definitely the main demand will continue. The overall development of China's auto industry is getting better.

Second, the industry and the status of the industry and analysis of raw materials

1, leaf spring suspension industry

1) The vehicle suspension spring manufacturing business nearly a thousand, throughout the country, with a scale professional production enterprises (production scale of 1 million tons) more than about 50, total 200 million tons, mainly in Shandong, Hubei, Chongqing, Liaoning and Jiangxi, but most smaller enterprises, the production concentration is low, scattered, chaotic, and poor problem is more serious. Which really form a large-scale, mass production of one of the few companies, most of them still at the simple level of the production process, product quality is not guaranteed, it is difficult to become a mainstream automobile accessory business, but can not participate in the international market.

2) able to produce high-grade auto steel spring suspension with five companies: FAW Group Liaoyang Automobile Spring Factory, Dongfeng Motor Suspension Spring Co., Ltd., Chongqing Hongyan Automobile Spring Factory, Shandong Automobile Spring Factory, Qingdao Shuaichao Industry Co., Ltd., they have produced a variety of laminated springs, spring stiffness gradient, a small piece double-tapered leaf spring and radius of curvature and the straight section of the vehicle leaf spring capacity. China able to produce passenger cars, trucks, car suspension spring manufacturers only three: FAW Group Liaoyang Automobile Spring Factory, Dongfeng Motor Suspension Spring Co., Ltd., Shandong Automobile Spring Factory. Although manufacturers of these products are relatively stable level of technology, has reached the level of advanced countries, 90 years, but are unstable because of the upstream supply of raw materials, not the system, timber quality standards, the proliferation of low-quality steel, resulting in product quality standards, the overall technology lags behind, it is difficult to form large-scale, efficient operations, industrial manufacturing enterprises, but also reach the state to promote sustainable, manufacturer of circular economy.

2, air suspension trade

At present, China's car market are mainly three types of air suspension system:

The first is the introduction of models as a whole to enter the Chinese market air suspension systems. This class is mainly reflected in the passenger car market, such as Xi'an, Volvo, Changzhou Iveco, Yaxing Benz and so on. This category in China car air suspension systems on the market dominant position.

The second type is imported directly from the air suspension system. This type of car air suspension systems for more than three months delivery cycle is generally difficult to adapt to the Chinese people in the habit of supply within a month, and high transport costs. The biggest drawback in China acclimatized. Such suppliers are the United States Henderson (HENDRICKSON) company, under the U.S. air suspension Tuthill Group production company, United States Firestone tire company and Goodyear Tire Company and the German company Wei Bake BPW Axle Company and Continental Group under the ContiTech air suspension of production companies.

The third category is the digestion and absorption of local enterprises to introduce foreign advanced technology vehicles with air suspension system based on taking into account the status of China's automobile, road conditions and transport characteristics, its progressiveness and the principle of combining reliability, based on the user's specific car Type the second development and personalized design to ensure the rational and scientific structure matching, tailored to improve the overall performance of the chassis. Such suppliers are on the Haike Man Vehicle Parts System Co., Ltd., Dongfeng Motor Suspension Spring Co., Ltd., produced by such suppliers of air suspension, mainly by imports of parts to assemble complete.

3, raw materials industry

China's existing high-quality spring steel casting and rolling production company is only five, so supporting manufacturers and manufacturers recognized only two: Xing Cheng Special Steel and a large steel square, not on the two spring steel as the main product Therefore, the availability and quality of raw materials has been an industry bigger and stronger, large-scale industrialization of the obstacles, reach the country to promote more sustainable, recyclable economy, the production company.

Forward in the Tangshan steel industry has reached the required equipment, process quality, the size of the domestic industry has also been among the top three.