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Proceed to formulate the standard steel logistics services to six major areas re

May 25, the reporter learned from the stakeholders at the National Logistics Standardization Technical Committee under the Committee of formal notice, declaring start "key focus area of ​​logistics technology standards" project. The project covers the steel logistics, home appliance logistics and other key projects, including projects by China Steel Logistics Federation of Logistics and Purchasing Committee of the lead organization of steel logistics.

Would mean involving the steel industry, "the logistics industry restructuring and revitalization plan" was officially launched. February 25, 2009, the State Council approved in principle "the logistics industry restructuring and rejuvenation program" in the third proposed, will "promote energy, mining, automotive, agricultural, pharmaceutical and other key areas of logistics development."

West of the Shinkansen Co., Ltd. General Manager of Information Department, Deputy Secretary General of steel Shengzhi Cheng Logistics Committee, told reporters that the area of ​​logistics is the cause sharp fluctuations in steel prices, dealers blind key to store goods, steel price fluctuations, iron ore negotiations are urgently needed by others and so on up the chain comb from the industry, steel industry, logistics industry order should be standardized.

Involves six major areas of steel service

2009 China's crude steel production of 5.7 million tons, estimated this year will exceed 600 million tons. If the steel logistics, warehousing costs 150-200 yuan / ton estimate, the size of steel logistics industry will reach 1,000 billion yuan.

It is understood that the project will be steel Logistics Committee and the State Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of construction steel, construction materials, National Supervision and Inspection Center together. Specific packaging and labeling products containing steel, steel logistics operations, cash electronic trading platform of steel building products, steel products and technology information exchange and many other Internet content.

Shengzhi Cheng told reporters that the logistics involved in the iron and steel standards have six sections, the basic product identification plate is mainly standardized. Although at present the major steel mills close to the identity of the main varieties, but have not yet reached the unity of the industry, resulting in the product receiving and inspection practices and often have to rely on experience to operate.

In addition, Shengzhi Cheng said that the steel logistics standards will also apply complex networking technology for more effective allocation of steel resources.

Increase the transparency of the steel flow

The past two years, there have been ups and downs of the domestic steel prices situation. This year the domestic steel market, for example, from the beginning of the high-low stock prices continued to rise after the New Year the freezing point of 1,000 yuan / ton, with the beginning of April of the real estate control policies, and adjust the downturn, one-day drop of 100 yuan / tons. Volatility in steel prices has a direct impact on many industries downstream steel market. Which, as a middle layer of logistics traders "stockpile, and speculation" exacerbated the price ups and downs.

Last April, China launched a wire, steel futures trading, which to some extent to achieve some "hedging" the goal, but followed by "hype" issue - the spot, competing to push steel futures Price is nothing new.

Shengzhi Cheng told reporters that the circulation of the middle layer is a reservoir in the steel downturn, traders are often middle Paohuo Zapan; steel prices rise, they often stockpile pushed up steel prices. Therefore, the market need for a transparent means to regulate the industry, reducing the human factor.

The industry believes that, regardless of changes in steel prices, is in accordance with supply and demand fluctuations. Now steel prices rose fell, a large extent determine the actual needs of the end result are not allowed. If you can increase the demand for real judgments, reduce the "fueled the sell into," the market will be more stable and healthy.

Shengzhi Cheng told reporters that this is a great system engineering, the standard plan launched in two years time, the initial logo and packaging will be introduced to the standard steel logistics operations, in addition, the current electronic trading platform for steel products, construction spot also has taken shape.

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