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Advance the cause of development of water-saving background

First, the water business development background

Inadvertently, the clear river gradually became cloudy, and gradually fade out of our vision. Earth, the human home, is facing a severe water crisis. The United Nations warned more than once: if you do not attach importance to the water crisis in 2030, the world will be a 1 / 3 of the population, serious water shortages. According to the Ministry of Water Resources' water supply and demand in the 21st Century China "analysis, after 2010, China will begin to enter the serious water shortage period.

Second, the career development of spring water

CPC Central Committee Document No. 1 of 2011 - Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, January 29 release of the "CPC Central Committee and State Council on the decision to accelerate the development of water reform," that: "Water is the source of life, to production, ecological base." Water Modern agriculture is the primary essential conditions for economic and social development can not be replaced based support, to improve the ecological environment is an integral security system.

1st paper, try the next 10 years the average annual water into society as a whole than in 2010 twice. Central Rural Work Leading Group Office Chen said: "2010 China's water conservancy investment is 200 billion yuan, twice that is 400 billion yuan investment in the next 10 years water will reach 4 trillion yuan at the current revenue growth , as long as the water to speed up reform-minded unity of understanding, the future realization of these goals can be achieved. "

Third, the company's products (drip) features:

1, the concept of drip irrigation:

Is a new water-saving drip irrigation technology, which is water through the filter, and then by low-pressure pipeline system, then the plants by drip irrigation droplets of water (slowly, but even quantitative) kind of irrigation way. Our company introduced the world's most advanced Israeli technology to produce veneered piece of drip irrigation pipe, drip irrigation with other species such drip irrigation is the most cost-effective compared to a.

2, the advantages of drip irrigation:

(1) water and energy saving:

Compared with surface irrigation, drip irrigation, water saving can be 70% -80%; because there is no drip irrigation of water evaporation and drift loss of air, so it is more than the water-saving irrigation can save 30%; while saving energy for water use, generally saving about 55% -60%. .

(2) production, increasing crop quality:

Drip irrigation to water crops in accordance with the law, timely and appropriate manner, even and slow supply of water for fertilizer, the crop root layer of soil frequently to maintain optimal moisture, aeration and nutrient status of crop growth and development to create a good environment. When a smaller range of wet ground drip irrigation, thus reducing some of the worms, fungi damage to crops, to improve crop quality time. In addition, drip irrigation to keep the crop dry soil between trees, which inhibits the growth of some weeds, reducing weed and crop competition for water grab fat phenomenon. Compared with surface irrigation, drip irrigation can increase crop 30%, 50% -100% increase fruit and vegetable production 100% -200%.

(3) labor, province, provincial fat

Since drip irrigation using low-pressure pipe, drip irrigation systems can adapt to a variety of terrain conditions, pipes can be directly arranged on the slopes and uneven terrain of the lot for irrigation, without leveling the land, building plot stems play, easier to automate, so labor-saving . General drip dry, branch pipes are buried underground, which province a channel occupied land. In addition, while the use of drip irrigation pipe system can be directly applied to the crop roots into the soil of soluble fertilizer, thereby reducing fertilizer loss, increased fertilizer.