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  1. Cultural construction of two main the Group:
    Sound system, perfect the mechanisms.
  2. 16-character principle of education staff:
    Internalized in the mind, curing in the system, externalization in shape, based on the dry solid.
  3. Cultural environment of the three continuous innovation:
    Create a business development compatible with the cultural atmosphere of continuous management innovation.
    Sound of a match with the corporate culture, management systems and management processes, continuous mechanism innovation.
    Creating a consistent and corporate values​​, strategic goals with the company to adapt to the workforce, continuing institutional innovation.
  4. Core Values​​:
    Integrity, collaboration, fun creating, sharing of results.
  5. Enterprise mission:
    Achieve shareholders, customers, suppliers, employees and community stakeholders in the common development commitment to promoting economic growth, social progress, environmental protection, the three coordinated and harmonious development of social responsibility.
  6. Strategic objectives:
    Become independent intellectual property rights and strong competitiveness, highly respected in the society of "one industry is particularly strong, multi-industry co-development" of the national first-class public company.
  7. Strategy rules:
    2011 to 2015 of the second five
    Upgrade its technology and optimize the management the Group, operating system, the formation of corporate culture.
    To achieve the Group's turnover, profit revenue, profits and taxes paid up to double.
    Achieved within the group to produce 5 million-50 million revenue and revenue building high-income groups.
    To achieve the Group to enhance the overall treatment of employees, wage income per capita increased by 50%.
    Implementation the Group for the public good, charity invested $ 5 million goal.